Welcome to NLP Branding

First of all welcome to NLP Branding. This site will be a little bit different than what you are used to. The reason is that while I was thinking what to write for this website, I realized that I only want to do branding & marketing services for people I like. So it is more a friends & family website than anything else.

Having said that I also love Neuro-Linguïstic Programming (NLP) and I want to help spread NLP all over the world. Furthermore, I feel it is important that NLP is done as it is taught by Richard Bandler and The Society of NLP. So to be very specific, this site really is targeted at my friends in the family of The Society of NLP. What that means for you is that if you are not a Licensed NLP Trainer® you need to repent first and join The Society of NLP before I want to work with you. (If you want to repent in Dutch write me an email, I have a special program for you.)

The objective of this website is to make clear that in order to succeed as a Licensed NLP Trainer® (sorry, I don’t want other NLP trainers to succeed unless they repent) you need three things: Branding, Marketing & Sales. If you don’t have a sales process you won’t sell anything. If you don’t have marketing than you have no-one to sell to. And if you don’t have branding no-one has a reason to buy your NLP trainings. In the video below I quickly explain this in more detail:

For those people that want even more information than what I said in the video above, please request access to a free vintage video from a marketing workshop I did years ago by filling in the form below:

For everyone else I have the following proposal: I will fly to your country stay there as short as possible but at least long enough to do two three hour sessions with you. The first session is to find your Brand Essence and explain how to use your Brand Essence to give your potential customers the reason why they ought to buy with you. The second session is about Marketing so you learn how to get people to give you their contact information so you can sell them something. If you want to learn more about selling, please sign up for Persuasion Engineering with Richard Bandler and John la Valle. They come highly recommended. The branding & marketing guru who taught me everything charges 10.000,- euro plus expenses for this package. As I really want Licensed NLP Trainers® to promote NLP better and I like to travel the world a bit for the coming years, I have a better offer. Please, send me an email when you are ready to discuss this offer with me.